Once a dictionary is created on PubDictionaries, the dictionary can be used to annotate any text, through the annotation API.

To annotate a piece of text, based on a dictionary, the path /text_annotation can be called either in the _GET or POST method. When it is call in the GET method, the piece of text can be sent through the parameter, text:

(In this document, examples are shown using the cURL command. It is highly recommended to read the manual of the curl command to understand the examples properly.)

Then, the result of annotation will be returned in JSON, following the PubAnnotation Annotation Format

	"text" : "I have a stomach ache.",
	"denotations" : [
			"obj" : "",
			"span" : {
				"end" : 16,
				"begin" : 9

The path also can be called in the POST method, in which case the text can be sent in JSON