Once a dictionary is created on PubDictionaries, entries can be looked up though the lookup API.

The /find_ids path can be called in either GET or POST method.

When it is called in the GET method, a list of labels (strings) can be sent through the labels parameter. Multiple labels may be delimited either by a newline(‘\n’), tab(‘\t’), or pipe (‘|’) character.

(In this document, examples are shown using the cURL command. It is highly recommended to read the manual of the curl command to understand the examples properly.)

Then, the result of lookup will be returned in a JSON hash:

	"stomach" : [
	"liver" : [

Note that a label may be mapped to multiple identifiers, which is why a label is mapped to an array of identifiers.

The path may be called in the POST method, also, in which case, an array of lables can be sent in JSON through the body of the request.

curl -H "content-type:application/json" -d '["stomach", "liver"]' "http://pubdictionaries.org/find_ids.json?dictionaries=UBERON-AE"